To serve the petrol and construction industry according to their needs, with advanced technologically, efficient, environment friendly and innovative solutions.


To assist companies in import, construction, foreign trade, petrol, oil, gas sector, including drilling and geology sources, by investigating new opportunities for domestic and international companies and providing professional and technologically advanced solutions. To supply all necessary materials and oil field services.


Our aim is to provide our customers, a “non problematic service” through the experience and knowledge we have gained over the years.


Our principle is to propose quality at construction and business management and to complete our services/works on time.

The knowledge we have obtained from the day we had started our business to today will carry ABIKA to superior and lasting success with our personnels ‘team soul, trust, love and respect to each other.

We supply international level of quality about contractory services by replying our customers’ expectations and requirements in accordance with legal arrangements and contracts. Therefore, our principles include;

Ensuring regular improving activities to reply changing customer expectations,

Encouraging our personel to elevate their quality for the aim of supplying first quality service,

Using our resources effectively and productively

And carrying our performance and competition ability to the highest level with making any concession from our policy and principles.


From the day we stepped into business, in order to fulfill our goals, to continue our way within the frame of constant improvement.